My wellness diary example

I have included an example of my wellness diary.

I come to realise that weight control and wellness usually doesn’t happen of its own accord. We need to be focused on wanting to sustain good health or to improve on it.

Below is an example of my wellness diary. You can change it around to suit your situation but the idea is to create one and to mark it off on a daily basis. Add up your number of ticks each day and try to better your performance each week.

Also, use your phone to download a weightloss tracker so that you can track your weightloss efforts daily. I use an app called ‘weightloss tracker’ and it creates a graph of my weightloss efforts. This is a really encouraging way to tackle your endeavour. As you see your weight coming down, you will continue to keep the trend going, and the graph gives you a visual impression of how you are going.

Here is the link to my personal example.


Use the above link to download the weight loss proforma and then start using it to alter your lifestyle.