Camping at North Stradbroke Island

We set off on our 4 day camping trip to Stradbroke Island. Michael, Pieter and myself decided to spend a few nights at Cylinder Beach near Point Lookout.

The camping ground is a great spot right near the beach and the facilities are luxury when it comes to camping. The pub is a short walk away and so too is the grocery store. So, if you want a camping experience away from the busy coastal sites but close enough to civilisation, then Stradbroke Island is worth the cost of the ferry trip with your car.

There are some great spots to discover while on the island. On one of our days we visited Brown Lake and Blue Lake. Brown Lake was a beautiful spot with its clear water and white sandy beach. The various colours on the lake bed made it so much more vibrant. Blue Lake was further to get to but it was aworth the hike. It was a 5.2km walk even though it seemed further. The weather was hot so the hike through the bush was an endurance especially being chased by march flies. Michael was not impressed.

Another great spot is Point Lookout. There is a gorge walk there which is spectacular. We even managed to see some turtles and dolphins on our walk through there. And on another occasion we even spotted some sing rays. And if you want a close up experience with a dolphin, I would suggest visiting the Amity Point jetty at dusk. A couple of dolphins come into shore hoping to score a free feed. Eventhough there is a law in place prohibiting the feeding of dolphins, some people still persist in doing so.

Overall, Straddie is a great place to go for a short break. I am hoping to return again within the next year. The beaches are second to none, the coastline is diverse and the facilities make camping and easy venture.