Camping at Girraween National Park

My son Michael and I arrived late at Girraween National Park at 4:30pm on 8th July 2015 just in time for a quick set up of our tent. It was getting dark so we had to hurry. All the other campers were well and truly set up and having their meals. I always seem to have a reputation for doing things at the last minute.

We had a great night around the camp fire but as the night progressed we realised why everybody else were in their tents. It started to get really cold and by the time our fire died out; it was time to seek refuge in our tent and sleeping bags.

Michael had a difficult night initially as his blow up mattress kept deflating. It was new but it proves the point that we should check these items out before putting them to use on a camping trip. He eventually got to sleep. I shared my Queen size blow up mattress with him.

To say the least, the night was freezing. Our water bottles were so cold to touch and our pillows were so cold and seemed moist. We both had -10 degree Celsius sleeping bags but they were not enough to keep out the below 0 c temps. I had thermal underwear on and track pants and top and I was still very cold at times. I eventually felt better when I stuck my head under and sealed my sleeping bag.

Anyway, we survived the night and we have been having a leisurely day sitting around in the sun, having oats for breakfast, hot drinks and chatting.

The wind has developed so who knows what our next night will be like.

Here we are at the end of our three night camping experience at Girraween.

After a leisurely start to our first morning camping, we decided to go bushwalking to Pyramid Rock in the afternoon. It is a really interesting walk and takes you past lots of granite borders. The walk up Pyramid Rock is very steep and at first looked very dangerous. It was windy and cold on the rock but the views were worth the hike.

The nights were always great around the camp fire. Michael and I enjoyed sitting around the camp fire drinking hot chocolate and heating up marshmallows.

The nights were freezing cold and it was always a challenge to get warm. I found that I had to go to bed with a full set of clothing on in order to feel warm. Next time I will put a bit more thought into insulating myself from the cold which comes up through the ground.

I loved being at Girraween and I would love to return one day soon. It is a beautiful slice of our country, so pleasant and relaxing, and as a bonus, they have a hot shower facility. What a treat!