My autobiography

This is my a work in progress.

I thought of the idea a few years ago and I thought that it would be worth the effort writing an autobiography.

So why an autobiography?

Sometimes when I recall the things that my mother and father have talked about, I only really remember certain things.  Both my mother and father have had an interesting life and yet in many respects this history is lost. For this reason alone, I have decided to write my story.  Whether or not anybody in my immediate family find it worthwhile reading or not is irrelevant.  What is relevant is the fact that I have documented some of my life and it is there for others to read if they would like.

There is another purpose to writing an autobiography too.  Writing my story allows me the time to put everything into perspective and to reflect on my life.  I like to think that there is a purpose to our lives, whether that be the fact that we contribute to the lives of others or the fact that we provide insights that help others live their lives to the full.

Here goes!