Just a few of my thoughts

I have often thought that it is a great idea to write my thoughts down and to add to them from time to time. We all have our own perspective to understanding our lives, and I have come to the realisation that a life worth living is a life with a unique story.

There are three things that I believe are worth recording.

1) Create a timeline of your life with dates and events.

2) Start writing a autobiography of your life. The earlier you start, the more detail you will have and the more you will begin to understand yourself and appreciate the life you have been gifted with.

3) Create a spiritual blog and post to it regularly. Spiritually we are not alone in this universe. God speaks to us through our writings.

The internet is a great way of recording all of this. It doesn’t need to be made public for everybody to see but it is a way of us each being able to make our mark in cyber space.