Do you ask yourself if you are on the right path?

How do we know what God intends for us to do?

This question has been around since Adam and Eve in early biblical times. Throughout the centuries, human beings have asked this question to one another. Do we find the answers in the bible? Do we join churches and listen to preachers and priests? How simple is it for us to know what God intends for us to do?

I approach answering this question from a different point of view. If we are attentive to our lives, we will find that God works within our present situation to guide and direct us. Allow yourself to be influenced by your present situation. Whatever your situation is, whatever problems present themselves at the present time, allow yourself the time to embrace these issues and take ownership of them. The more we fight our present situation and circumstances, the more the resistance we have to really knowing what God intends for us to do.

Let the problems of life become the vehicle to finding a solution. When confronted with problems, we don’t always have the foresight to see the solutions. The solutions only come through being in the problem in the first place.

Two years ago, I was asked to perform a different job role to my usual job role at work. I accepted it because I was encouraged to do the role yet it was something that I never really wanted. Months past and I continued in this role yet I never really embraced the role as a role desired because I kept seeing it as a temporary role and as a role that I never really wanted. Now when I reflect back over this period, I realise that my attitude towards this situation has been the very thing that has restricted me. God wants us to embrace the situations that we are in, not to fight them. We don’t really move forward and solve our issues by living in the past of regret or stubbornness. Only by embracing the present circumstances can we forge a pathway into something new.

One thing that I have realised is that holding myself back and wanting to return to the way things were is really an illusion. Life moves on, situations change, nothing exists exactly the same way. Change brings challenges and with challenges comes the opportunity to embrace the newness and to go with it. It is not a time to look back at the negative effects of change. Too easy to reflect on the hardships and the toll that it has had. It is not for us to dwell on things like this. God wants us to embrace these natural turn of events. God wants us to accept what life leads our way. Regardless of what comes our way, be it positive or negative, embrace it and allow spiritual direction to be energised. We miss so many enriching opportunities by closing ourselves off to change.

The walk of a Christian believer is on the road less travelled. We don’t necessarily take safe options. We allow ourselves to be moulded and guided through the events that come our way.

So next time you wonder what God requires of you, think of your present situation, embrace it, give thanks for it and allow yourself to be guided and then you will know what decisions are correct for you at the time.

No need to fight against change and to shove the problem aside. Instead embrace the change, accept the new problem and allow God to work his mysterious charm in the background.