Getting a clear picture

I was recently reading an article which mentioned that we need to get a clear picture of what we want in life, just like a photographer endeavours to get a clear focus of what he or she wants to focus on.

This raises the question of what do we choose to focus on. For some people this is a really hard question. Not everybody has a clear and distinct picture of what they want in life. This has forced me to reflect on this topic and I would like to share my insight.

In a nut shell, I believe in focusing my attention on God and then allowing God to become the photographer to create the picture for me rather than me create the picture. Therefore my wants and desires become secondary. I acknowledge my wants and desires and know that God is aware of them, however I focus my attention on praising God for my life and existence, and know that God will supply me with everything that i need, and more.

This approach focuses on trusting God to create the best picture possible. It involves becoming aware of God’s presence and knowing that I will be bumpered into the right situations just as the photographer guides and directs you into the right spots so that the best possible picture can be snapped.

So take a moment to praise God for your circumstances. Whatever your scenario is right now, praise God and know that God will bumper you into position just as a photographer moves you to the best possible position for the best possible picture. Become submissive to God. Whether you hate the life you are living right now or loving it, give thanks for it. Don’t worry about the outcome. Let God do the magic in the background. Let God choose the outcome. The photographer knows the best possible outcome. You are the object in the picture. You are part of a greater story that has a greater impact than you can imagine. Believe in possibilities and know that you will be bumpered into the best scenario just for you. This takes courage and guts to let go and to believe yet it is a journey filled with the unreal. Just as the servant was submissive to the master in biblical times, live this concept with God and know that God wants his kingdom to reign in your heart right now regardless of your circumstances.

You are loved and cherished. God never forsakes us. It is us who forsake our creator.