Affirmations and visualisations

​Have you ever wondered why you never seem to achieve the things in life that you consider to be important?

Some of us spend all of our lives wanting to lose weight, have more wealth, have no debt, have better relationships, have a purpose, feel happier. And so the list goes on. Yet for most people, they never seem to achieve their dreams. 

Today I want to give you some insight as to why some of these dreams never eventuate and then give you an insight as to how you can start to achieve your dreams with some simple mental exercises that can redefine the way you look at life.

Many years ago I was fortunate to listen to a series of cassette taps by a man of the name of Lou Tice (Director and Founder of The Pacific Institute). Lou has since passed away but he has left a legacy in the form of an organisation that spans the world assisting organisations and individuals in the pursuit of excellence.  In 2009, his organisation has helped transform Air New Zealand into a competitive and highly progressive company. This has been achieved in part through a focus on staff. Approximately 96 % of staff volunteered to take part in a training programme run by the Pacific Institute. Put simply, enlisting the Pacific Instutute was a way of changing the mindset of the staff so that transformation would be positive and effective.  If we change our mindset thinking and assist in changing the mindset of our staff then the possibilities for creative and effective change is endless.

Mindset thinking is the focus of today’s presentation. Change your mindset thinking and you can achieve the unimaginable. Assist in changing the mindset thinking of the masses, and you can achieve endless possibilities. This is not new information. Politicians use it. Religious leaders use it. Revolutionaries have used it too. For an organisation to truly flourish and display excellence in every way, it needs to have a common thread of mindset thinking. Regardless of what activities we do or what changes we impliment, if we don’t have a common mindset approach to our business we are likely to wilter like a beautiful flower that is starved on water.

There are two components to changing your mindset thinking, affirmations and visualisations.  Both of these components are essential for lasting change to the way your mindset thinking alters. We all practice affirmations whether we recognise it or not. Have you ever heard a staff member say things like ‘I’m hopeless with computers’ or ‘I always seem to get the cranky doctors’ or ‘Everytime I go into this programme, it freezes’.  Say these things often enough and you are stating an affirmation. Visualise it happening and you are re inforcing the affirmation. Some of us practice these affirmations without even realising it. Unconsciously we reaffirm affirmations on a daily basis. Have you ever heard teenagers say things like ‘I hate life; I never get what I want’ or have you ever heard others say ‘ I can’t lose weight. It is impossible for me. My metabolism is too slow’. Or statements like ‘I never have any money.  As soon as I get paid, it is gone.’  And so the examples can go on and on.  Even as business leaders, we can subconsciously support affirmations that don’t benefit the organisation. Statements like ‘nothing ever really changes around here. We have been through this before. We go round in circles’ or statements like ‘there is no hope for changing of some people. They only think of themselves’ or ‘nothing will ever change’.  These are all affirmations whether we consciously think of them or not. 

Take a moment to think of this statement.

****What we think about comes about.*****

From my experiences and the advice of others such as Lou Tice from the Pacific Institute, this is so true. Think about something often enough and visualise it happening enough and what you think about is likely to come about.

Take stock of your self talk and know what you are reaffirming on a daily basis. If your marriage is an issue, what is your self talk? Are you subconsciously saying things like ‘my marriage sucks’. ‘I hate the way he treats me’ or ‘she never thinks about my feelings. I might as well be a part of the furniture.’  Are you adding another nail in the coffin by saying things that destroy rather than build? Analysis your thoughts at work as well and critique them. Are they assisting to build up the team or are they dismantling?

Self awareness is the first step towards getting what you want out of life. And what one person wants out of life could be completely different to what another person wants, so we need to be aware of this.  Not everybody is motivated by money. Self achievement is one of the biggest motivators in life. 

So with this in mind, I want you to consider some simple exercises that can turn your life upside down and produce changes that make a difference.
Think of an aspect of your life that is a difficulty at present. It could relate to work, your personal life and something else. If work is an issue, identify what the issue is. Is it an issue relating to an individual or is it an issue relating to the content of your tasks. Is work stressing you out? Is there too much to do and too little time? Take a moment to reflect on your feelings and thoughts. What is your self talk saying.  Write it down. Don’t edit your thoughts. Let them be spontaneous without correcting them.

Now that you have started this process, look at what you have written. Can you turn this around to a positive affirmation?

So saying something like ‘there is never enough time in my day to get stuff done’ could be changed to indicate a different response like ….

‘I always find a way of getting everything done’

Now before we go any further, I need to help you identify the logic in what we are doing here.

There are two aspects to this process of changing the way you think and feel about things. Firstly there is the conscious side of our lives and secondly there is the subconscious side. Think of the conscious side of our life like you would if you were looking at a flowering plant or the surface of an ocean. Sometimes the ocean is calm and at other times it is consumed by wind and rain. As with a flowering plant, sometimes it is in flower and other times not. Now the subconscious side of life is the side you don’t see. It is what lies beneath the soil. It is the nutrients, the moisture, the particles of soil. As with the ocean, the depths of the ocean have fish, rock, terrains, cavities, reefs and plants. We don’t see this side.

To change our inner beliefs and to change the way we think, we need to work on the subconscious. Affirmations move us into the depths of our ocean. Affirmations give the flowering plant the nutrients to flourish.

The subconscious is the driving force behind what we do and why we do it. It is the child within that has been cultivated over the years to respond the way it sees fit. So if the way you respond to something isn’t the way you want it to be, then change it. Create an affirmation to incite a new way of being. This new affirmation has to be nurtured and looked after just as you would a flowering plant. It could take years to see the fruits of your labour, yet in some cases it might only take a short while to see results.

Put simply, control your self talk and you are nuturing your inner self, your subconscious.

Say your affirmation as much as you can. Visualise it happening. See yourself being the person that you want to become and one day it will become a reality.

Affirmations might feel awkward and silly. Others might laugh at them. They will go against your gain yet it is only through this constant re enforcement and visualisation that real changes happen.

So lets get started with your first affirmation.

‘I love creating positive affirmations and I say them to myself all the time.’