God gives you what you need rather than what you want

‚ÄčThere is a difference between what you need in life and what you want in life.

When I think back over the years, I can definitely say that I have rarely gotten what I want but I can definitely say that I have been given what I need. Now I say this from a Christian perspective. God is ever present in my life and forever working in the background to mould and guide me along the spiritual pathway. Without a doubt, I know that God will only give me what I need in my life in order to help me become the person I am meant to become. 

Not everybody sees life like this. Some get what they want because they are self driven and determined to make things happen. There is nothing wrong with this approach. The individual person is the self motivator and self determining factor in the success of their lives. Many people live successful lives and contribute to the betterment of society by approaching life this way.

Yet as a Christian believer, I see my life in a slightly different manner. I am in partnership with God. I have a belief that my life is being moulded and fashioned by God. Therefore whatever I want is not necessarily what I need. I relie on God to guide and mould me into the type of person I need to become.

There was a time in my life when my wife and I pursued a home based network marketing business. I so much wanted this business to succeed. I invested my time, energy and money into it. I desparately wanted it to work yet it never even got off the first base. As much as I wanted it to succeed, it showed no signs of growth. Years later I reflected on this experience and I realised that it was not something that I was meant to succeed in. Put simply, it was something that I wanted to succeed in, yet it was not something that I needed to succeed in. There were aspects of the business which didn’t fit with my way of being and that was never going to change.

Once we acknowledge God as a part of our lives, then there becomes a distinction between what you need and what you want. Once we invite God into our lives, we are inviting assistance and guidance. Just as a parent might decide what is best for their child so too does God decide what is best for us.

In the bible there is the story of the blind man who came to Jesus and asked for his sight. The blind man wanted his sight. Eventhough he was blind since birth, he still wanted his sight to be restored. Most people would have given up and not even given a thought to asking Jesus for their sight considering that blindness was from birth. Yet this blind man wanted his sight. Jesus recognised this man’s belief that his sight could be restored. Jesus gave him his sight not because he wanted his sight but because he needed his sight because of his belief in God’s power.

God will give us what we need. If giving us something helps foster the growth of the Kingdom of God here on earth, then it is a need. Wants can be selfish yet wants that nurture growth of the Kingdom of God here on earth are needs.

So next time we want something, is it drawing us closer into God’s Kingdom.