What perspective on life do you have?

Have you seen the picture of the old lady, young lady?


Some people look at the drawing and see the image of an old lady. Others look at the drawing and see the image of a young lady. Neither interpretation is wrong. Both are correct. Depending on the way your brain perceives the initial exposure to the image will determine the end result.

Let me for a moment use this example to highlight something else. 

Daily we are faced with decisions. Some decisions seem minor and insignificant. Others have the potential to be major and to alter the course of our future. It is the major decisions that cause us the most concern.  Some will say that our future success or security might depend on making the correct decisions.

Just as there is no incorrect interruption of the young lady old lady drawing, I believe that there is no incorrect decision when it comes to our life choices. Most people will strongly disagree with me from this point onwards but I want to challenge you to step back and see your life’s choices from another perspective.

Once you acknowledge that God is instrumental in changing you in your life, then the way you interrupt things changes. Regardless of the decision you make, you only need believe that God will use everything in your life and the life of others around you to bump you in the right direction. Therefore you end up in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. And this course of action is taking you on a journey which is devinely inspired.

I realise that 99 percent of the population wil disagree with this approach but it has been an approach that I continue to use and continue to gain reassurance from as I move forward.

God doesn’t always jump out in front of us and present a clear answer for making decisions. Most of the time we only need keep moving forward and believe that we are only part of the picture. Consider yourself to be similar to a dodgem car. You just apply the momentum and the car will be bumped into place.

Life’s choices can take you anywhere but knowing that God is like your own PA (Personal Assistant), this is what makes the striking difference. Once you embark on this journey of adventure, there is no turning back. Faith is needed. God becomes your personal GPS navigator and you will begin to realise along the way that you are definitely in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. There will be no need to try and find signs and symbols. They will jump out at you. There will be no need to try and work things out nor will there be the need to seek the assistance of prophecies. All you need do is to have faith that God is guiding you regardless of your decisions and be prepared to be spoken to.

Without going into specifics, I have had moments when I have made decisions to do things and at the time could see no real devine purpose in that decision.  I had continued to believe that God uses everything in our lives to make a difference and then just when I don’t expect it, something stands out in front of me like a road sign. It becomes obvious. There is no misinterrupting the message. The light bulb is switched on. My brain suddenly sees the old lady interruption of the drawing and realisations happen.

God works through everything to bring about change in us and change in others. If you have faith and believe in this approach, then you need never worry again. All is taken care of. All is secure.

This is why I praise God for everything. Make no mistake about it. Praise is the engine room that makes things happen. Praising God for everything is the fuel to keep our dodgem car moving forward. Without praise, we stall and lose momentum and life’s choices become harder and we fall back into the trap of being self sufficient rather than devinely sufficient. So take a different perspective on your Christian life and see it differently. Make your decisions decisively and expect to be guided.

You are only part of the solutuon; God is the rest, so give priase daily and know that you are being looked after.


Heal, but not too quickly

Just when I sometimes think that old habits have been conquered and I am no longer subjected to temptations, something happens and I am reminded of my weaknesses all over again. Some of our biggest struggles in life can take the longest time to change. I have realised more and more that God allows these struggles to exist. It is only  through these struggles that we can begin to realise just how dependent we are on devine help.

It is no accident that some struggles seem to never leave us. Think of it like this. The struggle is the cross in our life and it is only through the cross that we are born into eternal life. Jesus died on the cross. The cross was necessary. The cross was the agony. The cross was something that Jesus had to accept in his life.

We need to openly accept our cross in life. Whatever the struggle that plagues you, see it as a necessary part of redemption. Even when you are battling to cope or trying to avoid the way you deal with some situations, give gratitude for these moments. Take time to give gratitude for this cross in your life. Integrate it into your life as a necessary moment. Believe that it is only through God’s grace and intervention that this cross can be taken away. Only God has the power to rise you above your cross and to raise you. We need to die to our struggles and know that when the time is right, we will be delivered from these struggles.

So next time you struggle and beat yourself up over your failures to change habits or to act the way you desire, take a moment to thank God and to embrace your ugliness, and believe that God wants you to feel the pain of your cross. God wants you to feel your shame, to feel your guilt, to feel your regret. Embrace these feelings and give thanks for them.

Resurrection from our struggles only comes through God. The stain of our humanity in our lives is only washed away by the intervention of our creator. Believe that you are being taken care of. Regardless of how many times you fail. Regardless of how many years it takes to change, give gratitude and thanks for these moments and know that God is working in the background to do what might seem the impossible.

God is not a Gentleman.

God allows us to be firmly nailed to our cross for as long as God sees fit.

God wants us to be healed but not too quickly.

Never forget that it is God who is does the healing, not us.

Remember these things next time you struggle and know that God will release you from this burden in God’s time, not ours.