How do you deal with the unexpected?

Unexpected events happen but how do you deal with them?

Do you freak out and panic if the unexpected event is a disappointment?

I must admit that it would be really unusual for a person not to freak out when something unexpected arises. Death, sickness, loss of income, loss of a relationship are just some examples of events that can disturb us.

Sometimes I think that I am really resilient especially when everything is going well, but as soon as something doesn’t go so well, my world is shaken. It is at these times that I am forced to reflect on my insecuritites. Suddenly I feel vulnerable. I feel my inadequacies. I feel scared. My foundations are shaken. My human fragile nature is exposed.

When I reflect back over the years, I have always been guided through these moments. Underlyingly, I have always believed that God is there gently guiding me and directing me through whatever hardships surround me. This is the time to once again take stock of my life and to know that God is here guiding me with purpose. Nothing happens by accident. Unexpected events are turning points. They exist with a purpose. They shift us and our direction. They have a reason, yet at the time of their occurrence, they are seen more as a burden than an aid to growth.

Our faith in God has to be tested at times. We only grow in faith through adversities. Just as a blind man relies on his instincts and on his dog for guidance, so too do we need to rely on God’s word to see us through.

I have said this many times, and it deserves being said again and again. We need to always acknowledge God’s love for us and to believe that we are being taken care of regardless of the circumstances. So whatever the events, however difficult life gets, we always need to give thanks and praise for everything that comes our way. Good springs up from everything. God uses everything in our lives to direct us along a pathway that is especially designed for us. We cannot avoid the disappointments because it is precisely through these disappointments that we are going to discover a new lease on life. It is precisely through these times of vulnerability that we are going to rediscover our connection of love with God. Our relationship with God grows at its best when life is difficult. It is through these times that we learn to become more dependent on our creator rather than on ourselves.

God loves us dearly yet we ignore our relationship with God most of the times.

Give thanks and praise for your hardships and setbacks. Use the power of praise to once again hand over the reigns of control to our creator. Let God take over our direction and sit back and see where it will take us.

God has always promised to take care of his children. We are children of God. All we need do is to trust in faith that we are being taken care of, regardless of the circumstances.

Praise God right now for your hardships. Thank God for this moment and for everything that has gotten us to this point in life. Believe in God’s protection. Know that everything will be okay. Know that God intervenes. Know that assistance will come your way to prove that God is here at hand for those that have faith.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Always give thanks and know that the doors will be opened.