How do you deal with your frustrations?

How do you deal with your frustrations? Is everything sailing along nicely? Do you feel stressed by situatuons around you? Are you coping with the way you are?

If you answered yes to feeling frustrated and no to coping, then perhaps this article is for you.

Frustrations, stress and inability to cope are more common than we think. We can go to work and rub shoulders with others and believe that they feel differently, yet in reality most people feel frustrations, stress and feelings of inability to cope. It is a part of our human experience, yet does it need to be held onto? Do we need to feel these feelings for extended periods of time? Do we need to feel stressed all the time and focus on our perceived inability to cope?

Sometimes we can find ourselves being drawn into the problems of our lives. They seem to take over and have the effect of depriving us of sleep, causing headaches, ageing us, causing us to react, affecting our relationships and distracting us from what we believe we should be fosused on. Have you ever thought that some aspects and difficulties of our lives are never going to disappear? Have you ever wondered how you are ever going to rebalance your life and live it with a peaceful mind?

If this is the way you feel and think, then perhaps what I am about to say might have some meaning.

Imagine yourself to be a mountain climber. Imagine that you have always dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the one thing in life that you have always wanted to accomplish. It is your ideal sense of achievement. You have dreamt about it as a kid growing up. You have heard mountaineers talk about it and imagined yourself doing what they have done. You have heard about the hardships and the disappointments as well but mostly you have heard about the sense of achievement of chasing your goals and of living your passion. You never really think about the hardships of the adventure because you want the accomplishment so much. Your passion and your desires take over. You become enthralled by your quest and you go to work planning and training for it.

Once you embark on this journey and strive towards your goals, hardships appear, obstacles arise, distractions happen, yet you continue to push on because the desire to achieve your goal far outweighs the hardships and obstacles. They are a part of the journey. The journey doesn’t exit without these hardships and obstacles.

See your life a bit like the journey of a mountaineer. The frustrations, the headaches, confusion and the mixed up feelings are a part of your journey in life. We can’t avoid them. They are part of the journey. Perhaps you know what inspires you, perhaps you don’t. Either way, hardships will arise.

The key to managing all of these mixed up feelings and emotions is to give thanks and gratitude for them. Give thanks for the way your life is at present. Regardless of the moment, see this moment as a part of the journey. Even a mountaineer can become blinded by a blizzard and disoriented by lack of oxygen. These moments are unavoidable if you desire to continually climb high mountains.

Regardless of whether you acknowledge the existence of God or not, simply acknowledge the existence of spiritual connections. There are enough things going on in life to point to this connectivity. Acknowledge that the highs and the lows are equally important in your life when it comes to your journey. Loving the highs and hating the lows don’t help this journey. A mountaineer who hates the hardship is never likely to make his or her dreams a reality.

So I put it to you today. If you are feeling down and depressed or upset with life, take a moment to reflect and thank God for this moment. Say these words to yourself.

‘Thank God for this moment in its perfection’

Even if you find it almost impossible to say, think it, recite it. Know that those words encompass the full meaning of our existence. Take a bird’s-eye view of life and know that anything that you are going through right now is meant to be. You cannot avoid the hardships regardless of how long you experience them or not. What we can choose to do is this. We can either lay down and die, and die a slow painful death or we can embrace the hardship and know that we will get through it. What lies beyond that hardship is yet to be encountered. A person of faith knows that joys and pleasures will always follow.

So just as a mountaineer pushes on knowing that great things lie beyond the pain, so too do we need to push on and thank God for this moment in its perfection and know that the journey will always have something incredible awaiting us.