Who is God? Is God a figment of our imagination.

Who is God? Is God a figment of our imagination

Most people will think that God is a figment of our imagination. They will consider it as child’s play to believe in this concept. Yet regardless of how we refer to this supernatural entity, there does exist, beyond doubt a spiritual connection which permeates throughout our existence.

Recently my sister died. She struggled with severe early dementia for approximately 9 years. In the beginning, it was not so obvious, yet as time passed, she lost all of her abilities to play the piano, to cook, to talk and eventually to swallow. She was only 2 years older than me.

During the last two weeks of her existence, we had to sit back and watch her starve to death. She was no longer able to be fed or to take fluids. We were waiting for her body to shut down. It was soul destroying seeing this happen. We would never allow an animal to go on living in this state. We would put the animal out of its misery.

Yet something incredible happened throughout her final days. The night before she died, my wife sat with her and held her hand and prayed for her. She blessed her with holy water which had been sealed in a container since 1970. This water came from a stream in France at Lourdes, a sacred place where a miraculous vision had appeared many years ago.

She seemed calm after my wife prayed over her. Her face was tranquil and she seemed to be in a better state. The next day she died while alone with her husband of 40 years marriage last month.

The funeral arrangements were made. I got together with my brother in law and decided to travel to the cemetery where he had decided to bury her. He wanted to bury her in the same cemetery as the cemetery that my parents were buried in. He found a burial plot for her which just happened to be near where my parents were buried. Somebody had just resold their plot back to the administrators of the cemetery.

My wife and I decided to have a look at the burial plot after the purchase. We noticed that it was only a few metres away from my parent’s plot. I walked over to my parent’s plot. I looked down at the plaque on my parent’s grave. There before me was my father’s date of death. It was Friday 10th June 1994. The day I was looking at the plaque was Friday 10th June 2016, 22 years on exactly.

I was amazed. I had completely forgotten about the anniversary of my father’s death. I was drawn to his grave site that day.

My father’s grave site is approximately 110 klms away from where I live. I have never been back to his grave site on the date of his anniversary in the past 22 years.

On my return back home that evening, I decided to look at my father’s death certificate. The date is his burial was 15th June 1994. The date that my sister was planned to be buried was the 15th June 2016 exactly 22 years on.

My brother in law asked me to arrange the funeral ceremony. We needed a photo of my sister for the service booklets. He had over 2500 photos of my sister. He was an amateur photographer who was always taking shots. He sent us a photo of her. It was one of his favourites. My wife looked closer at the photograph and noticed a date on it. My brother in law recorded digital dates on each of the photographs.  The date was 16th June 1976, the date of her birthday, some forty years ago. My sister’s birthday was the day after her burial.

Seeing is believing. My sister’s death was timed to perfection to show me that the spiritual world is alive and well. My sister was spiritual. She was a believer of the supernatural. She felt spiritual connections.

I now know that my father’s spirit was drawing her to him. They were close. My father loved her dearly and was so proud of her. He died of a heart attack and she was never able to attend the funeral because she was pregnant and about to give birth.

I now know that her passing away was perfectly timed. Her spirit left her body at the perfect moment. It was not for us to alter that timing.

I might refer to God as if he were some mysterious being, but in reality it doesn’t matter how I explain God. There is a spiritual connection in life. Please don’t ignore these connections. The spirit world is trying to connection to all of us. Don’t let the signs slip by. Recognise them for what they are. Believe that you are being guided. Everything has its perfect timing. Just as my sister departed in perfect timing, so too does a new human being become formed in perfect timing.

Life is a gift. Lets be thankful for every single moment and believe that we are being guided just as my sister was being guided to her physical death.

I am so fortunate to have experienced this significance. God has given me a gift. God has given me an insight into eternal life.

We are not alone.