Believe that your problems are being taken care of

Is life going your way? Are you getting everything you have ever dreamt of?

Some of us might say yes to that, but for most of us, the answer is usually no. Life presents so many challenges. Some challenges seem insurmountable. Some challenges seem to go beyond our abilities. And some challenges never seem to go away.

We all thirst for relief from life’s problems. Some of us find ways to disguise our problems and to pretend that they do not exist. Some of us put our faith in medications to feel better or some of us get distracted by other things which appear to help, but only mask our problems.

From my understanding so far, there is only one solution to these plaguing problems.

The solution lies with the problem itself. Instead of hiding from the nature of our problem, and forever seeing it as a noose around our neck, see it as a friend not an enemy.

As strange as this might seem, this is the solution. Most of us spend most of our time shoving our problems away. We know they exist yet we give into them and let them rule our lives. Instead, welcome your problems. Welcome them with open arms. Accept that they exist. Accept that they are a part of who you are right now, and believe that you are not alone when it comes to dealing with them.

From a Christian point of view, God knows our problems. God accepts that they exist. God allows these problems to exist for our benefit and for the benefit of others. No one problem is isolated from another. Any problem you have impacts on another person to a certain degree. God is aware of this, so be open to having God work with you.

All too often, we isolate ourselves from God’s assistance. We see ourselves as solving our own problems because we see these problems as ours only. I have found that having belief in God’s assistance has been the key to dealing with these problems. God knows our concerns. God knows what we struggle with and God cares.

I know that it is difficult for many to acknowledge this concept. I know that many people will think that this is mombo jumbo. Yet i have found it to be true of my situation. I cannot pretend to convince others of what i know. It is real to me.

So whatever plagues you right now. So whatever causes you grief. So whatever causes you pain and discomfort. Give thanks. Yes, give thanks.

That is all that is needed.


Yes gratitude.

A grateful heart is a healed heart.
A grateful heart is a receiving heart.
A grateful heart is a free heart.

Start giving thanks for everything in your life and you will discover the power of miracles.

Gratitude allows you to travel on the highway at speed. Problems are sorted out and life takes on a new meaning.

Give it a shot. Persist. See the changes happen before your very eyes.


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