Nourish your inner self and you will find God

There have been lots of occasions where I have listened to others talk about their lives, and consistently they have been tormented by thoughts of low self worth. These thoughts have been reinforced by others opinions and attitude towards them.

Whether it be a young woman who has entered into an abusive relationship at age 15, or a woman who has vivid memories of an abusive childhood. All of these memories can hound a person, so much so that uncontrollable thoughts will try and sabatage the person’s happiness. The woman enters into another relationship, only to find herself distancing herself from her new partner, believing that she is worthless and crap. Memories hound her. All she can think of are the words of her ex telling her that she will never survive without him, that she is ugly, useless and a lazy bitch.

These words are toxic and they are used by others who have low self esteem. Others use them inorder to make themselves feel better. Control gives them power. It is not love. It is not respect for another human being. It is abuse and manipulation.

My concern is for the person on the receiving end of this. My concern is for a person who has felt so belittled that they no longer feel of value. This is the tragedy of these circumstances.

I listened to a young woman who had been through an experience like this, and she struggles day to day with negative self worth thoughts. She told me of the day she left her ex partner. It happened in a dramatic way. She had been online chatting to somebody who was desparate for help. She sent 40 minutes with this person and felt that she had contributed to helping this person. Her ex walked into the room and reacted. ‘Who the fuck are you talking to!’ Without even thinking about it, she reacted. She threw everything within arms length of her at him. She exploded. She had just sat online with another person who was desparate for another person to assist her, and here was her ex rubbishing her. He crossed a line. His attack reached the core of her being. Little did he realise, but he had just said magic words which would change this woman’s life forever.

Underneath our exterior, there is a core within us that demands respect. There is a core to us that loves our very being. Most of the time we can tend to lose touch with this belief. We listen to the opinions of others and tend to reinforce a negative belief, yet there does come a time when our inner self demands respect. It demands to be cared for. It hates abuse. This is our inner self and we need to get in touch with it and know that it loves us.

All I ask is this. Believe in your inner self. Remember a time when you were stripped back to your core, and remember how your inner being cried out for respect. We all have it. We just get smothered by the negativity of others. Believe that it exists and nourish it with love. Give thanks and gratitude for your life on a daily basis regardless of your circumstances. Our inner being is refuelled by gratitude. It needs love and it needs gratitude. Do not let the negativity of others dampen your enthusiasm. With gratitude and praise, all hardships can be overcome. Lets give thanks to our very being and never stop believing that the future will get better.

God lives in our inner being. Never stop giving thanks and gratitude for the existence of God within each of us. This belief is what makes miracles happen.