God shines a torch on our dark spo.ts

We all have those areas of our lives that torment us. We know that we would love to be different, but for whatever reason, things do not seem to change. Sometimes we try to disown the things that we are not proud of, and pretend that they do not exist. Yet every now and then, they seem to come and haunt us.

God is the instrument of change. When it comes to tackling the things that we seem to have the least control over, it is only through God’s grace that we will be able to conquer. I have come to the realisation that God plays a part in this process. God deliberately allows some things to happen. The things that we most dislike about ourselves will be encountered. God will test us just as Jesus was tested by his father, and just as Peter was tested by Jesus when Peter disowned knowing him. God knows our weaknesses, and God will allow us to encounter these weaknesses inorder to grow. So when these moments arrive, see them as a blessing in disguise. Rejoice in their presence and know that these moments are moments where we can once again put our trust and faith in God. There is no need to despair. There is no need to panic. Know that God is working with you in mysterious ways to deliver you from whatever bondage you feel.

Only those who dare to trust will realise that they are not alone in their quest for change. We are not alone. We are not doing it alone. Let us not shut God out who has his army of angels, both human and heavenly to deliver us from our evil. Praise God for everything and we will have the support of an army.

With God on our side, changes are possible. All we need do is to acknowledge God’s presence, and to give praise and thanks for the very things that we hate about ourselves.

Jesus came to show us the way. All we need do is follow in his ways.