Witness the miracles

I am often amazed by what occurs in my life. Without going into lots of personal occurrences, I find it incredible how God brings about new beginnings from moments of despair and anguish.

There was a time in my life when I would have never recognised this. I was blind to it just like many others. Since writing these journal entries, I have become more acutely aware of this connection. There is a strong connection between the action of praising God for your despair and for being on the receiving end of many mysterious surprises. In order to receive, we need to be grateful, not just for the things that put a smile on our face, but for the things that stop us from sleeping and nearly worry us to death.

We all have moments of despair, and you will know precisely when these moments occur. You will feel sick in the stomach, feel hopeless and scared. These moments are precisely the times when we need to offer them up in gratitude knowing that these events are meant to be. Never doubt for one second that they are not meant to be. A Christian life is a planned spiritual journey. We are all so unique but we all have our individual journey. While my journey might be different to yours, your journey might lead you to riches and fame. On the other hand, my journey might take me the other way. Just as every water course makes its way to the ocean following its own unique path, so too do we make our way back to our spiritual home on our unique journey. The more we fight it, the more unhappiness that follows us.

If God is going to be able to help you become the creation you are meant to be, then you need to be thankful for the events and people who come your way. God crafts you from your personal circumstances. There have been times when I have felt despair in my life, and it is at these times that I have reminded myself of what I am doing. Despair disconnects us. Despair reminds me that I am shutting God out. By despairing, I am acknowledging that I am alone. Despair is a one person event. It shuts everything out, both people and God.

So when you find yourself slipping into despair. Stop in your tracks. Know that you are shutting God out. Know that you are attempting to do it alone. Remind yourself of God’s promise to be with you till the end of time. Know that you are a child of God and know that God will guide you through everything. Praise dispels the darkness. Turn on the light by praising God with conviction knowing that you are not doing it alone. Everything has a purpose. We have a purpose. It is only by fulfilling this purpose that true happiness can be found.

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