No need to feel alone in your struggles

Regardless of how much I believe that God is constantly directing and leading others, I can still have moments of insecurity. When events happen around me that do not make a lot of sense, I am prone to insecurity. Yet when I think about it, I know that God uses all events and all people in our lives to bring about change. This is why faith becomes such an incredible ingredient. Without it, we flounder. With it, we prosper.

Our journey will be marred by all sorts of events that appear contradictory. Sometimes we will wonder what is going on. Sometimes we will struggle to believe that we will ever overcome our earthly desires. Sometimes we will find it hard to understand why we continue to do the things that we least like about ourselves.

These moments are with us for a reason. These moments show us just how much we have not loved ourselves for everything. These moments show us what we need to embrace and to be honest about. God does bring about change but in God’s time, not ours. So whatever it is that hounds you might be the very thing that you need right now.

So if the finances are a struggle, praise and thank God for this. If you are having relationship problems, praise God for these problems. If your weight and health is a problem, praise God for these difficulties. If your days never seem to be productive, praise God for the way your days are. God works through everything even the things we hate about ourselves.

The way we respond to these circumstances is what defines us as children of God. These moments are the moments that we most need. They present the biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities. It is not for us to wish them away. It is for us to embrace and own our struggles and to thank God for their very existence.

It is only in the furnace that gold can be moulded into something beautiful, so have faith that God is working through all of your difficulties to bring about lasting change.

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