Love your life as if there is no tomorrow.

Time is the one concept in our life that tends to drag us down.

We anticipate events in our lives that can bring about joy but we can also anticipate events that can bring about sorrow and pain. We can also think about the past and experience regret, joy or anger, to name a few emotions. Lots of emotions are associated with the dimension of time, and while we continue to be drawn into this dimension, the more we can experience unhappiness and unsettledness.

While everything might seem to have a beginning and an end, God’s world does not. From a Christian perspective, God has no beginning and no end. Before time existed, God always existed. While our bodies might have a beginning and an end, our spiritual selves do not. We have always existed and we will continue to exist. We exist in the NOW. Therefore TIME is a delusion.

This understanding of our lives can be really important in helping us live the lives we are meant to live. Therefore the more we try to hold onto anything of an earthly nature, the more we will experience sorrow, regret and pain. These emotions can never be avoided, yet we can put them into perspective.

There is an old Christian saying, ‘ours is not to reason why, but to do and die’. In many respects, there is so much truth in this saying. The more we collectively try to understand our existence, the more we seem no closer to understanding it. Individually, we sometimes overrate our importance over and above everything else in life, and this leads to unsettledness.

Whether we like it or not, our physical life is finite. We can choose to live a life based on that perspective, or we can choose to live a life based on infinity. Jesus taught his followers to base their trust in God who existed before time began. We have a choice.

Live today as if there is no tomorrow. Praise love for this moment in its perfection and thank love for your human experience in its perfection. The more we live these words, the more we will experience a life beyond our earthly existence.

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