I believe in the sun even when it is not shining.

Sometimes we experience the greatest moments of joy after having gone through the greatest moments of pain and sorrow. Just as Jesus experienced the greatest moment of loneliness by dying on a cross, he also experienced the greatest moment of joy when he rose from the dead.

Most people will never get to experience this joy in their lives because their lives have been routed in disbelief and blindness. This is common to most people in modern society. The more comforts we have, the more we relie on ourselves to satisfy our needs. Through no fault of our own, we become increasingly self sufficient. However, materiality doesn’t satisfy all our needs. All the money in the world does not stop mental illness, cancer, relationship issues, dementia and loneliness, to name a few.

I was fortunate to discover God many years ago when I was very young. As a young child growing up in a Catholic family, I discovered something special. It was not the church teachings or the Mass on Sundays that stand out in my mind; it is more the times of difficulty that I had experienced which led me to experiencing the joy that God had to offer.

I was a lucky one Through the difficulty of growing up in a Catholic school and the struggling to feel of value, I was able to experience the love of Jesus. I say that I was lucky because most people will not experience this love. Yet this love is open to all of us but you will not discover it through actions that help make you self sufficient.

In the Bible, Jesus talks about having a child like faith if you wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This child like faith enables us to believe that the sun is shining even when we do not feel it. Belief is central to this and it becomes a growing belief once we embark on its journey. It is never too late to start this journey. It is open to everybody, and all we have to do is to change the way we look at everything.

Start by believing in God’s presence and believe that everything that is happening in your life right now is meant to be. Whatever the darkness, whatever the pain, whatever the results of your past decisions, believe that you are in the right spot at the right time. Most people will never want to accept this approach and they will blame themselves or others or their history or even God for what is happening. It all seems like the logical thing to do yet it reinforces the belief that we are self sufficient and totally independent. This sort of independence leads to more loneliness, more sorrow and more suffering.

I wish that others could experience what I experience, yet everybody has their own journey. All I can do is to offer a way to discover what I have discovered.

Start today by believing in love. Believe in love even if you do not feel it. Thank love for this moment in its perfection, even if it does not appear so. Thank love for everything that has brought you to this moment, for without that, you would not have gotten to this understanding. Make a habit of praising God (love) always. Always praise God for everything. Everything means everything, not just the pleasurable moments.

I have written about this time and time again, and I continue to do this because I feel compelled to do so. I wish that others could feel the same as I do. I wish that others could have the same awakening, yet I know that God works in mysterious ways and touches us at moments that we least expect. If you are reading this and you struggle to feel God’s presence, please be patient. Know that love exists and has always existed. Tap into this love and be guided by it and let every decision come out of it. Know that love exists, always has and always will, regardless of what you feel and think.

So praise LOVE for this moment in its perfection.

Thank LOVE for your human experience in its prefection and

Thank LOVE for creating you in your perfection.

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God works in mysterious ways

I am forced to think about this idea that God works in mysterious ways.

We have heard this phrase said many times before, and yet for most of us, we struggle to understand what is really meant by it.

When you think about the words, you are acknowledging that God knows no boundaries when it comes to God intervening in our existence. Therefore, our pathway to understanding God and to reaching meaning in our lives can take us in many different directions. What might look absurd to one person, might make logical sense to another.

Lately there has been a lot said about extreme religious groups and their impact on society. These religious groups are fuelled on by a religious perspective which is diehard in achieving its outcome. On the contrary, I believe that we need to be fuelled on by something else.

I have come to an understanding that it is not the church that will save us, but rather our outlook that will. Churches support its congregations but the individual has to go the step further to develop a sense of meaning.

The power of praise is the fuel which allows us to transsend all barriers. This is the fuel which will allow you to see beyond your present logic. When you are living your life with praise, you are on the pathway to fulfilment. Praise will help you find direction. Praise will sustain you and give you a sense of identity and purpose. Praise will right your wrong doings.

This concept of praise is one of the most difficult concepts for most believers to adopt. Most of us love to hang onto our regrets, our disappointments, our dissatisfactions and our opinions. So if something arises in our lives that disappoints us, rather than praise God for this moment, we tend to brood over it and end up either getting angry or sad over the event. While our natural reaction might be one of anger or sadness, we do have the choice as to whether or not to stay in this state. Believing in praise enables us to let go of our ownership of this event and allows God to intervene.

If this is something that you are not use to doing, I would encourage you to begin. Start off in small steps. Praise God for this moment and believe that you are being taken care of. Believe that God is now with you and that your future will be different. Regardless of what happens today, praise God for everything that comes your way. When some moments get tough, remember your commitment to praise God for this moment. This pathway allows you to live a spiritual life that will bring you so many moments of pure joy.

It is the road less travelled, but it is the most fulfilling way to live your life.

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