What might seem absurd to some, might make perfect sense.

It might seem absurd, but true change will only really occur when we thank God for the things that are really annoying us.

Is there something that is happening in your life at the moment that is really getting to you? Most of us will have no trouble thinking of such a situation. It is this situation that requires us to put our faith into action. As absurd as it might seem, can you totally thank God for it? Can you sit back and think about the total event and capture the feelings attached to it, the pain, the annoyance, the frustration and the feelings of sheer disappointment, and then turn around and thank God for all of this eventhough it seems unlikely to ulter? Can you let it go, eventhough you fear the situation might get worse and even get out of control? In essence, can you thank God for what is happening to you and know that you are being asked to thank God for every bit of this?

Here lies one of the biggest challenges that you will ever face, and as absurd as it all might seem, the road ahead is full of these challenges and they could become missed opportunities to spiritual enlightenment and fulfilment as a child of God.

We have heard it said so many times that God’s ways are not our ways, and our human and materialistic ways draw us to taking total control of our destiny in life. We grow up learning to put faith in our ability to earn money, learning to sort out our own problems and learning to convince ourselves that God does not exist. This might seem fine for many, but when we experience what we believe are major disasters in our lives, everything falls apart. For some of us, life becomes unbearable and we might lose our jobs, our relationships, our security, and for some the pain becomes so great that they might decide to take their own life away with death seeming to be the only option. Unbeknown to us, many people experience depression and relie on medication to get through their day. For many, their lives are full of despair.

Whether you are a believer in God or not, all I ask of you is to be thankful for your present situation. Acknowledge the pain and struggle but give thanks for it as well. It is through this thankfulness that you will come to experience God in your life. As hard as it is to explain, I have experienced God’s presence and guidance through these situations. It is not about us sorting out every detail of our lives. It is about drawing God into our lives through gratitude for the way it has turned out.

When God is drawn into your life in this way, things happen in ways that you could never have imagined. God loves us. Just as the prodigal son was welcomed back into his father’s house and given everything once again without being punished for having lost his inheritance, so too does God await for us to return so that God can work wonders for us too. There is no need to carry guilt and frustration around. All we need do is to be thankful for everything around us and know that God is here welcoming each and every one of us with open arms. Just as the prodigal son was welcomed and his father was thankful that he had come home, so too is God thankful that we have come home. God only wants us to let go of the past and to be thankful for what situations have brought us to this point.

Being grateful for both the pain and the pleasure is one of life’s biggest challenges. Start by practicing it. Have faith in it. Believe in it and let God be revealed to you when you least expect it.

God works in ways that might seem absurd to many of us. Our ways are not always God’s ways.

Step out in faith.

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