Is our journey predestined by God?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem so lucky?

Just recently while I was at our local club having dinner and listening to a live band, the club was having a couple of money draws. There was a lady there who won two of the draws – winning $2000 on each of the draws. Some people will say that she was lucky, yet I see it differently.

To add to this, there was a time in my life when I knew of a girl who won two major house and prize draws within a 6 year period. Do we call that luck too? What are the odds of that happening?

I have thought about this a lot over the years and when I look at it in the context of my own life, I have realised a few things.

Circumstances don’t happen by chance. Each of us has our own unique journey. Some things will happen to us regardless of what we do in our lives. We might have free will, but some things do not change. We can alter the course and make decisions but some things will not change.

I am reminded of when my wife and I were involved in a network marketing business. The business was a genuine business with lots of potential. We endured in that business for many years trying to make a success of it, yet for all of our hard work and persistence we could not even scratch the surface of any success with it. It eventually was soul destroying. It was only when we realised that it was going to send us broke, then we ceased doing it.

The reality is sometimes different to what we perceive. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Talents are the same. We are all different with our own unique ingredients.

I have always acknowledged that we are on a spiritual journey. God directs us along the journey. God knows which journey best suits us, therefore it is not for us to fight it. We need the wisdom to know which things need to change and which things are meant to be.

This is where power of praise enlightens me.

Praise God for everything in your life. Whatever the circumstances, praise God. The power of praise allows you to open yourself to God’s will. When we are praising God, we are in tune with the journey that has been assigned to us. Jesus had a journey assigned to him and he was sent to us to show us how to live and recognise our journey.

In short, if you are meant to win the Lottery, you will be guided to win it. If you are not meant to win the Lottery, you won’t. It is that simple. As Christians, we are assigned to a journey that is destined to getting to know our creator and to experience the fullness of love. This journey allows us to experience God’s love in its fullness. By praising God in everything, we are not only submitting to our unique journey but we are opening up the channels to God’s interventions. It is not a journey travelled alone; it is a shared journey that allows us to experience the fullness of God’s love.

So, perhaps we might win a lottery, perhaps we won’t. Perhaps we might appear to be successful, perhaps we won’t. Who knows what lies ahead. Yet the call in our life is to give thanks and praise because we know that God is directing our journey that is for our good and the good of others.

All we need do is to praise God for everything in our lives regardless of the circumstances and allow God to help us deal with the pain and to allow God’s love to enlighten us.

This is the journey we travel. Our task is to recognise our spiritual journey and to let it happen. Praise God in everything and recognise that every circumstance has a purpose. We are being cared for. We are not doing it alone.

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The rewards come through praise

Praising God for everything in our lives does have its rewards.

Praise is a faith transition. It is a bridge between dispair and hope. Having faith by praising God for everything is like walking across a flimsy bridge with the hope that you will make it to the other side without falling through. The bridge represents our insecurities. In order to make it to the other side, we need a certain amount of belief that we are going to make it. It is all about the journey yet through the journey comes the reward.

It is easy to write about the hardships of life, but what of the rewards along the way. Recently in my workplace we have been going through changes in order to achieve a higher productivity. This has incited fear into me for a number of reasons. I have felt inadequate and slow, and wondered whether or not I could cope. Yet I placed my trust in God and praised God for my difficulties. This was a transition of faith because I knew that my life would change if I could not cope with the work changes. And yet by having faith, I began to notice how God was intervening to assist me.

One of the first things I began to notice was a change in the method in which I tackled my work load. I discovered some ways of doing my work which made it easier for me to complete it. This eased my concerns and instantly gave me hope. This was God driven. By having faith and through the power of praise, God has lead me along and given me an opportunity to deal with my circumstances.

The lesson in all this is simple. It is a case of trusting God with our circumstances and not to prejudge the end result. Whatever the circumstance, we will always be taken care of. It is not for me to determine the outcome; it is for me to walk the bridge in faith. We need to always see the rewards of our journey. The rewards will always come when we walk across our bridge in faith.

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Praise God for everything!

Sometimes I feel fearful of the future. There are times when my work bothers me. The expectations of achieving new standards in my work worries me. Yet I know that God allows these things to happen for my good and for the good of others.

I know that I am to praise God for everything in my life. We hear it said that everything is happening for a reason and yet we can quickly ignore this Christian understanding. Praising God for these concerns is Christian perfection. Jesus praised God for everything and every moment in his life. We need to do the same regardless of how we feel. Eventhough I feel anxious, I know that I am to praise God for my anxiety. When I am feeling weak, then I can be strong in God.

‘Praise God for this moment and for my feelings of insecurity’. I know that I am suppose to be in this situation and that God is with me every moment along the way. ‘Praise you God for this moment!’

Regardless of how I am feeling, regardless of what is ahead of me, it is God who is guiding me and directing me along the way. I am suppose to be in this situation with my anxiety and with my insecurities. When I am vulnerable then I am strong in God. God can only truly work and mould us when we are truly vulnerable. As much as I want to run from this situation, I know that God has allowed this to happen for my good and the good of others.

Thank you God. I praise you and thank you for every moment of everything happening in my life.

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Resentment prevents God from working in my life.

As long as I carry the spark of fear and resentment over my situation, I am blocking God from doing what he wants to do in my life. As soon as I am able to trust him and praise him for my situation as it is, he is then able to take over my life and place me where he wants me to be.

There is no point to building up fear and trying to protect ourselves from the things we most fear. Sometimes the very things we try to protect ourselves from might be the very things that God might use to change our lives for the better.

It is time to embrace our fears and leave them up to God to deal with.