Trials are God’s gift to us

Regardless of how I feel about the present moment,  it is God who leads me. No journey is without its challenges.  Every individual has their own challenges.  Some challenges that present themselves to others are not our challenges and vice versa. I am so aware of my challenges, and yet these challenges are uniquely mine.  Only through these challenges can I get to understand and feel God’s presence.  God present himself through these challenges.  These challenges are the pathway to a spiritual life. Life is limited and my goal is to experience what Jesus has brought to us. When I am caught up in material possessions and the luxuries of life, I am more distant from God.  Only through the struggles will I have the opportunity to experience what God is offering us. God is love.  Love knows no boundaries.  Love is not tied to material possessions Love reignes in any situation. As much as I want to change circumstances in my life,  I know that God wants me to trust him with these concerns. Only God can truly change me.  My weakness shows my need for God. These trials are here for me.  They are God’s gift for my development. All I need do is to give thanks and praise for them.  Accepting them with a thankful heart is the only way to experience what God is offering us.