Looking forward to getting into rollerblading these holidays

I am really looking forward to getting into rollerblading these holidays. It seems so long ago that I last had a chance.  I really enjoy learning to improve on the skates.

I am also keen to get to the gym.  Perhaps I can do some exercises to improve the strength of my arm.  I am putting on a little too much weight so I need to curve my eating habits and spend more time at the gym.

I am also thinking of expanding this concept of my blog.  I really like the idea of a personal blog just for the sake of it.  I would really like to use my video camera too and to upload videos to my personal YouTube account and then transfer them across to my blog.  Sounds like a good idea.

Also , I would like to create some rollerblading videos too…..for learners like myself. There are not many videos on the net for learners.